Game Day Video Analysis

Video is the most effective teaching tool that can be used in hockey. Video does not lie or make excuses. It can be used to correct many things and to reinforce good habits and techniques. It is great for forwards and unbelievably effective for defensemen.


Mennen, Twin Oaks, Bridgewater, Protech, Amerihealth, Codey Arena, and Union Arena are all nearby.


I will tape the game in 1080p HD and breakdown into clips and provide analysis of your players game play. Tendencies, awareness, shot selection, puck protection, body checking, grit, positional play (in both zones), hockey sense and habits are studied. 


Your clips are then available to you via a secure page with a library of clips and your individual user name and password. 


If you are interested in seeing a demo please just let me know. 


Again, I offer this service because it is vastly more effective than any other type of coaching. Not only is it effective it allows for accurate assessment of skills and techniques that can be improved on the ice with skills coaching. It also allows assessment of strength training and whether or not your off ice and off-season training is translating into improvement on game day.